Saturday, May 30, 2009

Good Intentions...Bad Words

Parents have good intentions..Or do they?

I would like to think that most of our parents want what is best for us; regardless of the decisions we make. But in some cases, it may not be that way. We have all heard of the term stage parents. Stage parents are parents of kids who are talented and they try to micromanage or impose themselves into the spotlight; ultimately killing their child's career (think Dina and Lindsay Lohan, Gary Coleman, etc..). But there is another type o parent, the supportive yet not quite supportive, but will not assist in any way support. I know its a mouthfull. Lets just call theses parents wtf's! WTF parents seem not to want their child to be successful in a career they choose. 

Some WTF offer severe and harsh critcism and tell the child that they shouldn't do such and such.. Or go as far as distancing themselves from the child. But if that child is successful in the chosen field, then the WTF will change their tune...Parents, what ever your child wants to become, allow it! They have to deal with it, not you. Yeah you might have to help them out occasionally, but don't kill their dream because YOU could'nt or your parents would'nt let you. We as indivduals have to deal with our lives and what we want to become. It is not about having the child's best interest in view, its is controlling them. Once the child enters the age of responsibility, let that aspect go.

Parents, stop living in the past and what YOU could've done and just do it! Also, stop telling a child that what they want to become isn't what they should be! If that is their dream, let them try. And never say I told you so..EVER!

Thats my 10 cents....

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